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Auto Repair Services in Welland

Gil's Auto provides comprehensive auto care to Welland and the surrounding area. Below you'll find a list of our specialties, but if you don't see what you need here, please contact us to inquire further.

Brakes are the most important safety feature of your vehicle so it's crucial no be on the look out for warning signs that they're starting to be less effective. If you notice any of the below, it's time to bring your vehicle in for repairs.
  • Loss of grip while braking
  • Feeling your car pull left or right while braking
  • A soft, sloppy or low brake pedal
  • Your steeting wheel shakes while braking
  • Squeaks, squeals and screeches while braking
  • Your brake system warning light flashes
  • You notice that your car takes longer to stop than normal

Being proactive with oil changes will save you money. Proactively changing a vehicles’ oil and filter will help the engine continue to work at its best and prevent costly repairs to your vehicle later on. What do oil changes do?
  1. Maintains engine lubrication
  2. Cools engine components
  3. Removes engine wear particles and sludge
  4. Improves gas mileage
  5. Promotes vehicle longevity

Your vehicles suspension system is what keeps your car in control. It does this by maximizing the amount of friction between your vehicles tires and the road to promote steering stability handling. If your cars suspension is not in good condition, it may reduce driver control and overall safety. Quality shocks and struts will help by:
  • Controlling spring and suspension movement
  • Providing consistent handling and braking
  • Preventing premature tire wear
  • Helping keep the tires in contact with the road
  • Maintaining dynamic wheel alignment
  • Controlling vehicle bounce, roll, sway, drive, and acceleration squat
  • Reducing wear on other vehicle systems
  • Promoting even and balanced tire and brake wear

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